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    Anett Griffel

  • Architecture and Urban Design
  • MA
  • From interruptions to connections. The coastal path of the Kopli Bay.
  • Tutor: Katrin Koov, Kadri Klementi, Eik Hermann

The master´s thesis deals with valuing and opening up the seashore. The 8-kilometer coastline from Kakumäe harbor to Meeruse harbor is an important part of Tallinn´s green corridor, which is located in a rapidly developing area. By the year 2038, the population of North-Tallinn district is predicted to increase by 44,000 people. 

The aim of the master´s thesis is to open the coastal path of the Estonian Open Air Museum and the areas of the Meeruse-Bekkeri harbor and to direct the seafront to public use and to diversify public functions and places of recreation. 

The journey from port to port is a varied environment with different parts of space – Kakumäe marina, Merirahu residential area, Estonian Open Air Museum, Mustjõe coastal meadow, Stroomi beach, Meeruse industrial port. 

The master´s thesis is divided into areas of different character, in each of which the promenade takes a different shape based on the peculiarities of the natural and spatial context. Six different areas from an uninterrupted beach promenade by the sea, in each of which a more precise solution is given to one object.