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    Dina Aller

  • Accessory Design
  • MA
  • Upcycle on the Paul Berg example
  • Tutor: Jaana Päeva, PhD

The goal of my master’s thesis is to develop a collection of accessories for adults of any gender based on the principle of upcycling, which would reuse the materials of the product destined to be thrown away, giving the product a second life in a new form. The purpose of this project is not the production of accessories, but research into how the material of the jacket can be optimally used, and what must be taken into account when creating a new product.
By reusing their own old products, Paul Berg as a brand makes an important contribution to Estonian design culture, thereby extending the life of the material, valuing the product, promoting environmental protection and influencing Estonian design ethics. With my knowledge and skills, I want to help them achieve this goal. From the first discarded jacket, I managed to create a hat, mittens and a mat bag. Thus, the goal of the master’s thesis was fulfilled.