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    Elis-Hetty Leppik

  • Animation
  • BA
  • 𝓽𝓱𝓮 𝓖𝓪𝓶𝓮 𝓸𝓯 𝓛𝓲𝓯𝓮 𝓪𝓷𝓭 𝓓𝓮𝓪𝓽𝓱
  • Tutor: Martinus Klement ja Kaspar Jancis
  • 2d animation short film
  • 1920 x 1080 (24 fps) / ~3:30 min

“The Game of Life and Death” is a short animation about escaping the limbo world between life and death. This is a visual journey to the other side, where you have to wait your turn to get back to reality. After death we are all equal and everything leads to luckiness. Luckiness that is always in the right place at the right time.