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    Erle Nemvalts

  • Jewellery and Blacksmithing
  • MA
  • Anatomy of anxiety
  • Tutor: Eve Margus, Julia Wild
  • Iron casting

“Anatomy of anxiety” is about eternal human yearning for some sort of unity and the question of how to find meaning in one’s existence. On a more personal level, it is a story of how to come to terms with one’s restless mind and tired body. There is no one answer, and in a broader sense, nothing has meaning; meaning must be created by oneself through actions.

For me personally, doing something physical is vital to life. Because of my sensory perception, I need touch and physical sensation to perceive the world around me,  my body and being. Tactile activity brings me not only physical peace but also spiritual relief and existential acceptance.

I have chosen to physically represent this eternal yearning for unity unyielding and harsh iron. Rings, a crown, and a chair have been created from iron. These are important symbols of power, illustrating my efforts to gain control over my body and to subjugate it to myself. At the same time, all of these shapes deal with the center point, illustrating my attempts to find my spiritual and physical center and balance.