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    Görkem Bozkurt

  • Inter­action Design
  • MA
  • Trinteract: an Open-source 3D Input Device for Navigating Digital Spaces
  • Tutor: Nesli Hazal Oktay

Although the usage of 3D graphics applications has been on the rise, the development of input devices for this field has evolved slowly. Existing commercial devices are expensive, hard to learn, and limited to specific applications.

This project aims to address the absence of a universal 3D input device and the limitations of task-specific devices from an interaction design point of view. Involving the users in the creation process, the project results in Trinteract, an open-source 3D input device. The device combines the advantages of the computer mouse and the existing commercial 3D input devices to provide an easy-to-learn customizable 3D navigation experience. Trinteract seeks to encourage user involvement through a hypervisible assembly process, empowering the user to customize, remix, and reuse according to their individual needs. Moreover, Trinteract embraces an open-source hardware development model, promoting a socially distributed and decentralized production process.

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