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    Haeun Kim

  • Ceramics
  • MA
  • Craft 2.0 : Collaboration with Artificial Intelligence
  • Tutor: Juss Heinsalu

Artificial Intelligence (AI) as an image-generation tool incites fear among artists and designers, as it may eventually compete for work. However, just like with earlier technological breakthroughs, collaboration with AI might be the key, offering a new dynamic to creativity. This project explores that possibility, using experiments to assess AI’s human-like qualities, its imaginative capabilities, and human interpretation of its errors. It raises intriguing questions about the boundaries of creation, ownership, and collaboration. Entitled “Craft 2.0”, this journey seeks to redefine the relationship between design, craft, and technology. It positions AI not just as a tool, but as a creative collaborator, leading to five distinct working modes and and corresponding flower vases. In essence, the project aspires to a collaborative future where human and AI capabilities intertwine.