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    Inga Ausmeel

  • Art Education
  • MA
  • Legendary Teacher – The Uniqueness of Being an Art Teacher as Tiina Meeri
  • Tutor: Jane Remm, MA
  • Master's thesis

The public does not know much about outstanding teachers, because their creative process, work with students, stays between the walls of the school building. As with other disciplines, in the context of art education it is necessary to know outstanding teachers in one’s field. The teacher’s qualification assigned by the professional standard is necessary to ensure the teacher’s competence requirements (SA Kutsekoda, s.a.) but it is not valid to be used to measure the teacher’s mentality or unique individuality. 

Therefore, the goal of my Master’s thesis is to research the art and art-history teacher Tiina Meeri who has been acknowledged by Tallinn 21st School. During her 46 years of teaching she has broadened the world view of thousand of students and the purpose is to bring out the specialness and connectedness to legendary when it comes to being an art teacher. This is the way to capture the activities of a great teacher in the context of art education, the traditions of teaching art and art history in general education schools and to inspire students of the specialty through the example of Tiina Meeri.