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    Liisbeth Kirss

  • Jewellery and Blacksmithing
  • MA
  • My friends are bimbos
  • Tutor: Piret Hirv, Eve Margus
  • Silver, gemstones, enamel

Bimbos are warriors, and warriors need armor and protection against their enemies. We are not just soft, pink clouds; we have the potential to be thunderstorms. The best physical expression of such potential danger in a bimbo’s jewellery arsenal are decorative tooth grills. They are provocative and unexpected, just like bimbos themselves, a mixture of beauty and warning. They are inherently the closest adornments to women’s friendship. Tooth grills give the wearer confidence, make you want to laugh, smile, and speak more. You want to show your teeth at every opportunity. It is a shining attention magnet and a truly useful conversation starter. At the same time, grills protect their wearer and can act as a warning, like the cold, flashing fangs of a predator. They express strength, confidence, sharpness, and resilience. Although grills are some of the most striking jewelry, they are also extremely personal. Not only do you wear them in one of your most intimate places, the mouth, but you are also the only person in the whole world who can wear your grills.