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    Mai Riin Salumaa

  • Accessory Design
  • BA
  • Wrapped in Bubble Wrap
  • Tutor: Kelian Luisk

“Under the Bubble Wrap” is a digital accessory collection based on the very fast development of technology and how it has shaped our everyday lives. The digital era has made our lives much easier and more comfortable. But as the technology gets more advanced, the harder it has become to control it, to maintain it and understand it. Yet, we have never been as addicted to it as ever before. Hence, the idea for designing a digital accessory collection was born. “Under the Bubble Wrap” consists of fuller, bubble-wrap-like textures to showcase the naivety regarding technological advancements and how we perceive them. Since all the products or services are made so easy for us to use, do we even stop to think – at what cost are we using it all?