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    Maria Elisabeth Leemet

  • Cultural Heritage and Conservation
  • BA
  • Rasmus Kangropool – From the Person to the Personal Archive
  • Tutor: Hannes Vinnal, Riin Alatalu

Considering Rasmus Kangropool’s significant contributions to the development of architectural history and heritage conservation in Estonia, research efforts concerned with his person and his work have unfortunately been scarce. This thesis focuses on the historian and heritage specialist Rasmus Kangropool and his personal archive at the Tallinn City Archive.

The aim is to explore Rasmus Kangropool as a person, his biography, his research, as well as his contributions to the field of cultural heritage. The thesis also examines Rasmus Kangropool’s and Mai Lumiste’s shared personal archive from a perspective of archival research with the objective to explore the values and possibilities of personal archives as sources, when it comes to reconstructing the history of the individual and the field. The research question guiding this this work has been: What does Rasmus Kangropool’s and Mai Lumiste’s shared personal archive entail, and what are the possibilities and limitations of such a personal archive?

Estonian Academy of Arts: Department of Cultural Heritage and Conservation. Bachelor of Arts in Humanities. Maria Elisabeth Leemet. 2023.