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    Maria Kristiin Peterson

  • Textile Design
  • MA
  • The role of the designer in post-consumer textile waste recycling, using the example of yarn development and knitwear collection.
  • Tutor: Reet Aus
  • Machine Knitting

This research seeks solutions for clothing and home textile waste through mechanical recycling, yarn development, and creation of new knitwear. Based on the principles of circular design, the aim of the work is to primarily examine the designer’s role in this process—the impact of her choices and decisions on the recycling of post-consumer textile waste. The work brings together an overview of the environmental impact of the textile and fashion industries and the process of practical design development. It includes the preparation of the materials that are used, the development of recycled yarns from post-consumer textile waste, as well as the creation of knitwear inspired by the textile heritage.

As a result of the work, the author explores the process of the practical work, during which a knitwear collection of six sets is completed. In addition to post-consumer textile waste, local sheep’s wool is also used in the composition of the yarns, thus valuing another type of waste as a resource.

Photos: Laura Vaim.