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    Marin Nooni

  • Textile Design
  • BA
  • Forbidden love. Textile therapy through the growing artwork
  • Tutor: Piret Valk, Krista Leesi
  • Growing textile artwork and textile therapy diary
  • 50 x 100 cm (3 pcs)

This is a story of an illness and making sense of it with the aid of growing textiles. It is a therapeutic journey consisting of three growing works of art and of a journal of self-reflection describing the process of making these works of art. They have all developed in parallel and complement each other.

The focus of this work is on combining two completely different fields – plant growing and the world of textiles. Those two fields play the roles of forbidden love in this work as it is about people who have advised not to have house plants and interior textiles in their homes because of a disease. How is a person loving both and not wanting to live in a minimalist home supposed to live his/her life? In order to involve the audience in understanding this process visitors have a chance to water the growing textiles during the exhibition and thus experience the work through different senses.