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    Marion Saarik

  • Fine Arts, Painting
  • BA
  • yesterday today tomorrow
  • Tutor: Kristi Kongi, Sirja-Liisa Eelma, Heldur Lassi
  • Oil on canvas, sgraffito
  • Series of 4 paintings (3) 100x100 cm; 100x150 cm and sgraffito 2x3 m

“yesterday today tomorrow” is a painting installation consisting of four paintings and a sgraffito. The painting series is made up of autoportraits that depict the fluidity between reality and perception. These works portray my personal inner struggles with time, perception and self-presentation. I aim to position myself between reality and unreality. The instability of the figure indicates the pressure of having to present yourself in a certain manner. This begs the question whether to fake confidence or show your real emotions. The graphic pattern on the sgraffito conveys the constant flow of thoughts and emotions in my consciousness. Everything is portrayed in black and white because that is how I imagine my consciousness, colorless.

yesterday today tomorrow