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    Mats Johan Soosaar

  • Fine Arts, Graphic Art
  • BA
  • How you doing? Good
  • Tutor: Eve Kask, Martinus Daane Klemet, Maria Erikson
  • Installation. Sound, drawings, light installation
  • 3 rooms, 67m²

Depression is like a fog that rises without you noticing it and disappears into nothingness. It’s a filter through which one sees the world as blurry and grey. It can be thick and hide everything that isn’t within arm’s reach, or it can follow you everywhere as a grey haze in the background.

Room 1

Works in room 1

Drawing 1
Drawing 2
Drawing 3
Drawing 4
Room 2
Room 2

Works in room 2

Notebook page 1
Notebook page 2
Notebook page 3
Notebook page 4
Notebook page 5
Notebook page 6
Notebook page 7
Notebook page 8
Notebook page 9
Notebook page 10
Notebook page 11
Room 3
Room 3

Light installation in room 3