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    Merilin Põldsam

  • Fine Arts, Installation and Sculpture
  • BA
  • It sounds worse than it actually is
  • Tutor: Taavi Talve and Taavi Piibemann
  • Installatsioon, PVA, nickel, mixed metal, tamil
  • Varying dimentions

Skin is the largest organ on our body. It holds us together and equips us to endure every environment.

But what do you do, if the skin itself has a “defect”?

I´m someone known as an allergic, a person who has hypersensitivity to certain substances and this manifests itself mainly in the materials that I come into contact with in everyday life, both in professional or casual settings.

Contact with these materials can range from redness, irritation, and itching to bleeding, blisters and rashes.

The resulting work depicts a personal experience in questioning, accepting and adapting to the functioning of one´s body and mind.