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    Mohammadmojtaba Habibidavijani

  • Contemporary Art
  • MA
  • The Little GoldFish
  • Tutor: John Grzinich , Kersti Uibo
  • Video art installation
  • 4K

When I was only six, I used to try and catch the goldfish in my grandma’s fish pond. The floor of the pond was slimy. Once I slipped and injured my head.

A few years later, I observed tens of thousands of little goldfish on sale at a New Year market. Something about them fascinated me. Most of all, I wondered why they didn’t dodge the seller’s grip and try to escape.

They didn’t seem to care which of them got caught first; they just waited their turn.

In Iranian culture, these adorable little goldfish in their little goldfish bowl represent the passage of life itself: children may want one as a pet, but just a few days later it will be dead.

Such, for me, was the inspiration for the Little Goldfish project.