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    Praneeth Margam

  • Design and Technology Futures
  • MSC
  • AI-powered Preventive and Personalized Care: Empowering Diabetic Patients to Better Manage Their Health
  • Tutor: Martin Pärn (TalTech/ Estonian Academy of Arts)
  • UI/UX Design, Service Design

The healthcare systems are under a burden due to the rise in the number of chronic health problems globally. Diabetes is one of them. The two alarming reasons which make diabetes important to be addressed are it’s becoming more prevalent in the present population, and it leads to other health complications. Our fast-paced and undermaintained lifestyles have accelerated the possibility of one developing diabetes.

This research emphasises on understanding how patients manage diabetes on a daily basis and understanding the technical components of diabetes, patient perceptions and experiences. This study uses mixed-methodologies research about the potential and difficulties in self-care management using mobile applications by combining quantitative and qualitative methods. 

The proposed solution, “Glen”, is an AI-powered smartphone application which helps diabetic patients by predicting glucose level spikes and drops beforehand and recommending actions to prevent them. Glen is based on four pillars: short-term planning, preventive care, decision support system and playful engagement. These pillars drive patients to lead a better quality of life with preventive and personalised care. 

Glen App
How Glen is used
System Architecture
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