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    Rita Volkov

  • Accessory Design
  • BA
  • Green Dream
  • Tutor: Kelian Luisk
  • Installation with a leather accessory
  • Bag's body: 285×160×140 mm. Bag's strap: 137×1070 mm

Graduate work ’’Green Dream’’ is inspired by sleep paralysis and the feelings experienced during it. Some of the things I experience are heaviness on my chest and sharp nails scratching all over my body. The hand-stitched bag with removable weight, weighs 10.2 kg, and represents the heaviness and discomfort of sleep paralysis. The way the bag digs into the body, slightly represents the feeling of sharp nails. Visitors of the TASE 2023 exhibition can safely experience sleep paralysis by trying on the bag and lying down, as well as read my sleep diary. The part about sharp nails is left to the visitors, who can imagine themselves as a sleep paralysis character and scratch the bag with their fingernails. The bag has external flaps with magnetic closures and two phone slots on the straps. One of the inner flaps has carbine hooks for keys and the other flap has card pockets. The aim of this graduate project is to bring awareness to sleep disorders and mental and physical health issues.

Polysomnography has been done in collaboration with Novel Clinic. Thanks to cooperation partner Novel Clinic!