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    Saara Kuum

  • Graphic Design
  • BA
  • Incident
  • Tutor: Kert Viiart
  • Textile installation
  • 1.5x2m

The installation “Incident” is a fragmented interpretation of an urbanistic space. It is inspired by surfaces that are accidentally created and which can be described by layering, abundance, and visual excess. Good examples of such surfaces are walls covered with graffiti or poster-walls with multiple layers of printed matter from different times. These uncoordinated “works” have accumulated over time by the addition of new material on top of existing ones. They uncover a hidden collective identity which I am bringing together in my installation. 

The piece touches upon the human need to leave a mark and it emphasizes conversations that emerge between these multiple markings. On the installation, you may find familiar tags, drawings, sentences, and fragments from posters and stickers.