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    Siiri Pank

  • Cultural Heritage and Conservation
  • BA
  • Conservation of mixed-material artifacts on the example of great bellows from the collection of Museum of Hiiumaa
  • Tutor: Jolana Laidma

Majority of the objects we use in our everyday life are made from several different types of materials and so are the artifacts in museum collections which may contain two or more different organic and an-organic materials. In my Bachelor thesis I research what is important in mixed-material artifacts conservation process and how different materials may harm each other. I also discuss the complex subject of hand tools conservation and weather there are principal differences in conservation works of the different artifacts.

During the 20th century we have started to consider many more objects to be part of cultural heritage and therefor it has become increasingly important to be able to assess the value of an object and value of each material in an object.

In practical part of Bachelor thesis I have made the conservation works of the great bellow from the collection of Museum of Hiiumaa.