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    Triin Kampus

  • Interior Architecture
  • BA
  • Vimka
  • Tutor: Veiko Liis

Vimka (Estonian for “trick”) is a dining table designed for the author’s own home. The 1200mm diameter table is inspired by functionalist tables manufactured in Estonia in the 1930s, during the first republic. Those tables have a specific visual identity, they are familiar and trustworthy, still loyally fulfilling their purpose in the homes of many Estonians today. Vimka aspires to uphold those values while bringing in a few new tricks.
The process of building Vimka was also a way for the author to explore a personal interest in manual labor and the interpersonal relationships it builds. How do we work together and why do we develop a different kind of kinship while working side by side? Could work be an instrument to bring together local communities via a well thought out manufacturing process?