Otsi lõpetajat:

    Elisabeth Järve

  • Graafiline disain
  • BA
  • The Place Behind the Hill
  • Juhendaja: Aimur Takk
  • video, installation

“The Place Behind the Hill” deals with the emotional and experiential connection between a person and a place, which has developed over time. The work focuses on my own personal relationship with my home area in Mustamäe and in turn highlights the conflicting feelings that arise while living in this environment. This is my interpretation of the character of Mustamäe, which is expressed in the different aspects of both the video and the installation. At the same time, the work leaves enough room for the viewer to create new connections and interpretations for themselves. By combining the perceptual and physical characteristics of the place, and avoiding the depiction of an easily recognizable urban space, I want to offer a new way of looking at Mustamäe, which usually gets lost behind stereotypes and panel houses.