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    Olari Paadimeister

  • Arhitektuur ja linnaplaneerimine
  • MA
  • Using density as a spatial tool to meet the urban challanges of the future
  • Juhendaja: Andres Alver, Douglas Gordon, Eik Hermann

This master’s thesis seeks to meet the growing challenges of climate change through using density as a spatial tool that aims to make Tallinn a more compact city in the future.

Urbanization of Tallinn through densification of the inner city and suburbs will provide more efficient use of energy, achieve higher level of critical mass that in turn will make the city more productive and achieve long term aims of the EU’s territorial and urban agendas on spatial sustainability.

Thesis will show how density can be increased in a new inner city development area in order to achieve a quality urban environment by adopting a series of criterias, which in turn will intensify the use of urban space that helps to meet the challenges of tomorrow’s compact city.

Bird’s eye view of the development area
View of the development area from the Pärnu Highway overpass
Development area planning (Master Plan)
View of the new urban square
View towards Pärnu Highway and high-rise buildings
View of Kauba street
View of the residential area courtyard