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    Agathe Peri

  • Fashion Design
  • BA
  • Lost & Found
  • Tutor: Piret Puppart, Rolands Peterkops, Anu Samarüütel-Long
  • Fashion collection
  • Photographer: Greta Liht Models: Veera Gontšugova, Gregor Kulla

The collection “Lost & Found” is based on a story of a made up character Lilith who struggles with a strange obsession with items. She hoards rooms full of seemingly useless matter resulting in her having lost all sense of reality. Lilith finally gets bored of sitting in the middle of her mountains of belongings – plastic cutlery, stained bed sheets and rows of garbage. She starts cutting, ripping, burning and partially destroying the matter which then grows into a meditative process of creation to construct something that brings her joy.

The story of Lilith draws our attention to the disruptive effects of modern day consumerism and urges us to ponder the ways in which one can harness the ugliness and monstrosity to create beauty. This approach to creation stems from the idea of repurposing discarded leftover materials in a new sustainable way. I create wearables intuitively, finding solutions through practice to discover unexpected results that create unique and raw combinations.