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    Riina Degtjarenko

  • Design and Technology Futures
  • MSC
  • Smart Workwear for People Who Assist Crowds
  • Tutor: Janno Nõu

Kooz’s design proposition focuses on helping people who assist small or large-scale crowds at public events with digital devices integrated into workwear to help them communicate more effectively and meet their needs. The master’s thesis applies human-centered and co-design practices and combines them with smart textile and intelligent material solutions to improve the interaction between crowd assistants and the entire service. The design concept has been developed using the design thinking research methodology and with the support of smart textile solutions.

Design proposal Kooz is a multifunctional support device integrated into smart workwear for people working with event sizes of 28-400 people. Designed with crowd support teams and event visitors’ needs in mind. The Kooz design solution provides fast and efficient communication between crowd assistants from the beginning to the end of the event. It helps communicate with employees and stakeholders through a smart communication device with a digital platform.