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    Azeem Hamid

  • Design and Technology Futures
  • MSC
  • Systemic Design: Social Inclusion and Public Participation in Tallinn
  • Tutor: Kätlin Kangur (TalTech / Estonian Academy of Arts), Francisco Martínez (University of Helsinki), Umar Hameed (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
  • Systemic Design, UI/UX Design, Service Design

There is a surge in urban spatial developments and dwellings worldwide, including Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. While urbanisation has many cultural, economic and social benefits, the poorly planned and regulated urban interventions might have a direct effect on the quality of people’s well-being and experience of the environment. For instance, this might lead to limiting public access to community spaces that are socially inclusive for people. Therefore, resulting in impeding social interaction, limited cultural engagement and frustrated capacity building within communities, with the side-effect of individuals reducing their sense of belonging to their communities. 

This research work is divided into two main parts; the first part is a conducted research study that explores community engagement, participation and inclusion from a systemic design perspective, with a focus on promoting social cohesion in public spaces of Tallinn. Furthermore, it evaluates underlying social challenges in existing public spaces through investigation and discussion. In addition to this, it provides reflection on understanding forms of public participation, the motivation and needs required to achieve active engagement of the citizens in community-based projects actually happening in Tallinn.

The second part of the thesis proposes the design concept on the basis of the conducted research findings, analysis and insights. The design concept titled Communal is a digital platform that aims to foster community engagement, increase awareness, enhance social inclusion, and active participation in public spaces. This study further contributes to understanding different perspectives and social contexts to promote social inclusion and foster community participation more actively and effectively.

Communal – Digital Platform
Logo Concept
User Journey
Onboarding / User Dashboard
Join a Community
Discover Tasks
Learn from Experts
Social, Network & Connect
Provide Input