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    Elin Kenzie Kornav

  • Interior Architecture
  • BA
  • Activating design
  • Tutor: Ville Lausmäe, Emil Ruubel

Sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste are senses that provide the ability to experience the environment. Physical stimuli that are transformed into nerve impulses can be influenced and enlivened by the conscious creation of space in harmony with the most primitive human sensations.
As a designer, my main interest is to create a space that supports, activates and develops the user.
During the project, I designed a sound solution that supports the spatial experience and reacts to the activity level of the users. The speed at which a person moves can be translated into tempo. Setting the tempo of the sound using the average movement speed supports action in the room. The distance of the person from the sensor can be musically converted into harmonious notes. Playing a note depends on the distance from which the person passes the ultrasound beam. This way, the melody played in the room is different every time, depending on the activity of the users.