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    Heleliis Hõim

  • Contemporary Art
  • MA
  • Unfulfilled
  • Tutor: Reimo Võsa-Tangsoo
  • Video, sound, oil painting series, photo series , sculpture

“Unfulfilled” provides a selective overview of the concept of subjectivity in reality, the mediation of the environment through filtered experiences, intrapersonal communication, personality formation and self-reflexive processes.

Video “Unfulfilled”
The exhibition’s leitmotif is the subjectivity of reality based on phenomenology, culminating in a video work about social non-verbal communication and the relationship with a society that sets limits.
The perception of reality is a personal and unique phenomenal experience of the world that is only true for the one who experiences it. Examining this experience provides insight into the unconscious processes underlying behaviour, including human dreams, desires, fantasies and memories. 

Choreography by Raho Aadla. Dancers: Raho Aadla, Valeria Januškevitš, Joonas Tagel, Katrin Kreutzberg, Johhan Rosenberg ja Kalli Pikas

Oil painting series “Mediated”
Knowledge about the environment is not directly received by the human being, but is mediated through experiences filtered by the subconscious. People often experience isolation and liminality from nature in urbanised environments. This internal discontinuity can exacerbate a sense of emptiness, leading people to look to external sources for replacement.

Sound “Broken Vinyl”
The internal organisation of individual experience is a process of recognising patterns, understanding language, retrieving from memory, etc. Knowledge and its foundations rely on the part of memory that deals with the storage of information. The process of thinking helps to distinguish between alternatives and to set the necessary goals. The analytical thought process, or intrapersonal communication, is disturbed by both the external environment and internal noise influenced by subconscious patterns.
Text by Raho Aadla.

Photo series “Personas”
As a basis for the photo series I have chosen some psychoanalytical theories of personality development. Lacan’s “mirror stage”, C. Jung’s theories of “shadow self” and “personas”. Also self-reflection through other people, supported by the “through the looking glass” theory, referring to how people form their self-concept through the representation of how other people see them.
In the series, however, I depict portraits of selected individuals from one side but from two perspectives. The first depicts how ‘other’ people see the individual, suggesting that we have never really seen ourselves as we appear to others. Usually we only see our own reflection in an inverted image. In the second photo, the visible side is inverted, which is visible to the person from the mirror.

Sculpture “Pretzel”
“Pretzel” gives a sculptural form to the whole in all its incompleteness, at the heart of which is an acceptance of impermanence and imperfection.
The form of the Pretzel relates to the complexity of the relationship between man and his environment. As human beings, we squeeze ourselves in every way to achieve something, to be better and stronger and more powerful – to get what our ‘mirrorself’ wants and craves in a seemingly polished yet unsolid society.