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    Helena Kisant

  • Textile Design
  • BA
  • "To Helmi Männik"
  • Tutor: Piret Valk, Kadi Kibbermann
  • Silk screen printing, machine and hand embroidery
  • 360 x 90cm

The textile postcard series “To Helmi Männik” is inspired from the study of the biography of the author’s great-grandmother and the postcards and letters sent to her. With the series, the author conveys moments, stories, emotions and feelings from Helmi’s life, reviving them through textiles. The works reflect the reality of the communication methods of the beginning of the 20th century, where the communication with distant relatives and friends took place only through letters sent by post. The works emphasise the personal and intimate nature of this kind of communication, leaving the possibility for others to take part in it as well.