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    Kadi Pihlak

  • Architecture and Urban Design
  • MA
  • Cycling network planning and evaluation methodology
  • Tutor: Raul Kalvo, Martin Melioranski

The aim of this work is, firstly, to create a unified vocabulary and related methodology to talk about bicycle path connections between different fields, and not to be based only on opinion. Second, the goal is to show how these values translate into the physical environment.

For this purpose, I will first describe the existing situation and important source documents. I then explain the general principles of light traffic road design, which depend on destinations, users, travel distances and safety. Next, I select a more specific region, which is Tartu county, make calculations and develop a methodology based on this. Finally, using the example of the Nõo region, I will show how to apply the methodology and propose standard solutions to be used in different situations.