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    Karina Klais

  • Design and Technology Futures
  • MSC
  • Exploring Emotional Attachment to Clothing - Promoting Sustainable Fashion Consumption through Digital Storytelling
  • Tutor: Kätlin Kangur

Identifying avenues for encouraging individuals to keep fashion garments longer is critical in addressing overconsumption trends. This study seeks to comprehend how clothing-related memories contribute to the formation of meaningful relationships and how these connections can impact fashion consumption and sustainability. Current study explores the complex and multifaceted nature of people-product interactions by employing qualitative research methodology and systems thinking approach. Study results highlight how memory-recall and storytelling spaces are effective tools for building an emotional connection between people and their clothes. This knowledge provides opportunities for interventions that support sustainable consumption patterns through promoting deeper relationships between clothing owners and their possessions. Innovative approaches utilizing this insight are promising solutions towards reducing the fast-paced fashion cycle and highlighting the importance of digital storytelling.

The concept of “Threads of Memory” is founded on the premise that clothing carries memories and emotions. These emotional connections can elevate fashion consumption beyond mere utility and into a profound and meaningful experience. Threads of Memory is a unique and innovative platform that celebrates the profound connections between people and their clothing items. It serves as a digital haven for individuals to share personal stories, memories, and emotions associated with their garments, creating a vibrant community centered around the shared love for fashion and personal expression.

At the core of Threads of Memory is the art of storytelling.

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