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    Nikole Bukrejeva

  • Design and Technology Futures
  • MSC
  • Design for enhancing sports events' capacity to adopt more sustainable practices
  • Tutor: Kätlin Kangur

BIND is a sustainability portfolio concept, that describes how the process of managing sustainability can be reshaped in the organisation of sporting events. BIND is a digital platform that creates a comprehensive and integrated approach for planning, monitoring and archiving data related to event sustainability performance. Through real-time data gathering and feedback, BIND is meant to provide a holistic view of an event’s performance and influence the decision-making process towards more sustainable practices.

BIND’s main goal is to create an environment that enhances inclusiveness, automatisation and communication in the sustainability field.

The proposed concept should not be seen as a final solution on a way to make a sporting event that is truly sustainable, but rather as a system for enhancing capacity and serve as a tool for increasing the ability to operate sustainability, so managers can decide themselves on a further action plan on how they will increase the sustainability.