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    Kärt Heinvere & Raahel Rüütel

  • Fine Arts, Graphic Art
  • BA
  • Deep hanging out
  • Tutor: Taavi Piibemann, Taavi Talve, Piibe Kolka, Len Murusalu
  • Multi-screen artist film installation
  • 16:17 min

What is non-judgemental room, could this place be home?

The poetry of everyday life unfolds in an apartment during winter. Becoming cave-like, where the invisible to the world are revealed to each other. Hanging out, closeness and love become deeply intertwined in one home. 

We should all have a place where we feel safe and ourselves. Be it a room or a person who welcomes us with open arms. Only by being the authentic self can we be happy. 

Is it possible to see your unrefined natural being and become friends with it?