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    Kaspar Timm

  • Industrial and Digital Product Design
  • BA
  • A piece of me into a piece of furniture: an autoethnographic study about fixing an office chair in a home environment
  • Tutor: Maarja Mõtus, MA

Old goods often lose value as manufacturers quickly try to get a new model onto the market. The obsolescence of the product is also a problem on the consumer’s side, for which the human’s thirst for new, fresh experiences is unquenchable. Often the features and messages offered by the product do not evolve with the person. Products can also simply wear out over tune. In my bachelor’s thesis, I researched how to revive my old office chair at home. I analyzed the connections between myself and the objects and repaired the chair in such a way that I would continue to care for the chair in the future. It is worth keeping your eyes open at home, maybe something dear to your heart doesn’t have to end up in a landfill.

A short film about the process
Process pictures