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    Kristel Kärdi

  • Ceramics
  • BA
  • Repeated changes
  • Tutor: Ene Raud- Mägi
  • ceramics, glass
  • 55 x 4 cm, 25 x 3 cm

The idea of “Repeated changes” is to materialize different states and textures of ice as decorative objects made of porcelain and glass. Create repetitions and distinctions in both materials. In the display of the exhibition, the parts of the plaster mold with which the work were made, have an equal role, creating a series of repetitions with them, with which i encourage the viewers to notice similarities and differences. Noticing repetitions creates an understandable overall pattern in life and gives me stability in everyday life, even though i know that in reality each repetition is always different.

Repeated changes1.1
Repeated changes 1.2
Repeated changes 1.3
Repeated changes 2
Repeated changes 3- glass
Repeated changes 3.2
Repeated changes 3.3