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    Kadri Räis

  • Ceramics
  • BA
  • Let me show you the way
  • Tutor: Laura Põld
  • Multimedia installation

When one is lost, their senses become heightened, but clarity is replaced by confusion. Feelings of anxiety and fear arise, but there is a glimmer of hope that a familiar place will soon be found. The expectation of reaching that place keeps hope alive.

My work is influenced by my experiences in Venice and Iceland, where I became fascinated with the phenomenon of getting lost. While exploring unfamiliar surroundings, I found myself off-course and ended up circling back to my starting point. This experience confirmed the common belief that lost individuals move in circles without realising it. As a result, I was inspired to create rounded ceramic objects that replicate this circular movement. I began crafting these turned forms during an internship in Reykjavik, where I spent the dark winter days sitting behind a potter’s wheel doing small-batch production work. These ceramic objects with their playful variations are placed on a slowly rotating potter’s wheel to simulate the movement of a lost person.

The second part of the installation is a video projection that showcases the alternating environments from my travels. The video clips that I have edited feature memories of Iceland’s vast landscapes and seemingly endless roads, intertwined with the blazing streets of Venice and the forests of Hiiumaa.

Text was read by Ave Eiland