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    Kristiina Aarna

  • Contemporary Art
  • MA
  • "518 Days"
  • Tutor: Marge Monko
  • Artist’s book, three furniture board displays
  • 150 × 210 mm, 80 pp

“518 Days” is an autobiographical work in its content, which describes the author’s daily life as an artist and mother. In this book roles of different women in society and the relationships between generations (mother-daughter) are characterized by empathy and a sense of belonging. The text is written in a diary format and illustrated with photographs of everyday spaces and situations which are important to the author.

Cover of the book “518 Days”

Digital printing


In Estonian

Editor: Leeni Uba

Graphic design: Saara Kuum, Kertu Klementi

Typefaces: FreightBig Pro, Emmascript MVB Std

Paper: Munken Cream 80, Munken Cream 115

Edition of 10

Printed by Oma Raamat, Tallinn

Self published

Book displays by Kadri Villand

Installation view for the book display