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    Jonathan Stavleu

  • Contemporary Art
  • MA
  • Museum of the 20th Century Archeology
  • Tutor: Anu Vahtra

I became curious about the combination of archeology and more recent ruins. This led to my idea to create a space that turned the building fragments of these ruins into important archeological artefacts and called it the Museum of the 20th Century Archeology. I dumpster sourced the “collection” of this museum by exploring local demolition sites and categorised them into a museum setting. The museum had two locations. One that is cleaner and more traditional will be on location in the Tallinn Art Hall. The second location was set-up as a documented one day event in an abandoned ruin in the Estonian countryside and following a “No Maintenance Museum” concept. A museum that will be exposed to the elements and that required no staff, electricity and water.