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    Kristjan Tammjärv

  • Jewellery and Blacksmithing
  • BA
  • Iron Rusts, Flock Stays
  • Tutor: Nils Hint, Urmas Lüüs
  • Iron, Polyester Fiber / Flocking

The future vision of “Iron Rusts, Flock Stays” leads the viewer in to the fantasy world of absurdity inspired by the technology of tools, homeland resources and modern societies dystopia.

Flock, like irons rust, has the character to cover the material. By combining a unique technique of metal and nylon fiber that gives objects a soft and mossy texture. Flocked metal creates a strange and uncanny feeling.

“Iron rusts, flock stays” brings contradictions in to the foreground, referring to natural resources, human creativity, tool philosophy and its development today.

Iron Rusts, Flock Stays
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