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    Liilia Pilden

  • Textile Design
  • BA
  • Digitally printed fabric collection "Her flowers"
  • Tutor: Piret Valk, Krista Leesi

My collection consists of different flower patterns and is digitally printed. The work consists of four fabrics and they are intended as interior fabrics. Perhaps the most important keyword for them is colour energy, I like to use bold colours in my work and also in my home. The name of the collection is “Her flowers” referring to the women in my family who have always cared a lot for their garden. The fabric patterns are borrowed from tulips, chrysanthemums, roses and daisies. All of them are my stylized image, but even then it’s possible to recognize the sources of inspiration. Each design is one fabric and there are fabrics with both repeating and non-repeating patterns. For the last two years, I have mainly been inspired by flowers and plants in my work and so it has also carried over to my thesis. I have a strong connection between plants and the women in my family, both with my mother and paternal grandmother and great grandmother, with whom we spent most of the spring and summer when I was young in the garden. Each fabric is also named after them: “Erna”, “Kristine”, “Evi” and “Elza”.