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    Liis Tisler

  • Accessory Design
  • MA
  • Emotionally Durable Accessory Based on Modularity
  • Tutor: Marta Konovalov (Põldma) and Merle Visak

In my professional practice, I have focused on the modular accessory and noticed that it makes the product more versatile, exciting and playful. I realised that playfulness is one way to create a connection between the product and the user, which contributes to the extension of the product’s life.

The aim of this MA project is to investigate how can playfulness offered by modularity make an accessory emotionally durable and thus more environmentally sustainable?

Play is a way to create a dialogue with an object. While researching the connections between the modular accessory and play, many commonalities can be found. A playful accessory involves the user in the design process, which increases interactivity with the product. By offering the user an opportunity to play with the accessory I create space for an emotional connection and new meanings to emerge.