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    Lisette Sivard

  • Fashion Design
  • BA
  • Sad mascots for the broken people
  • Tutor: Rolands Pēterkops, Piret Puppart, Anu Samarüütel-Long
  • Metal, felt, performance, video

Apathetic mascots are standing and applauding for the apathetic people. If they are not dead yet, they are still standing and continuing to applaud.

The work deals with our everyday shared space, the norms of belonging and hierarchies that prevail there. Who is allowed to belong, who sets the norms of belonging and who has access to power?
Influenced by the conflicts of the public space, the work also reflects on fashions’ inability to adequately react to the widespread inequality matters and searches for a democratic potential in the public space by observing it as an environment where people perform without performing.

The centre of the work is a mascot as a symbol of happiness and joy. Someone, who unites the masses and cheers them up. Sad mascots for the broken people are the opposite – powerless and limited, they are unable to run or shout. To throw a high-five or make some splits. By distorting and altering bodies, active subjects are now turned into dysfunctional objects in which the encapsulated people are forced to adapt to a contrasting form.