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    Ljudmila Funika-Müür

  • Interior Architecture
  • MA
  • Educational Space. Playful Integration of Ukrainian and Estonian Children at School, in the Schoolyard and the Urban Space
  • Tutor: Jüri Kermik, PhD; Gregor Taul, MA; Mariann Drell, MA

For me as a spacial researcher was important for to deal with the issue of children’s integration through space creation techniques, so that the focus is on the socialization of children with different native languages.
This thesis refers to the concept of playful integration created for children in the educational environment focusing on the integration of Ukrainian war refugee and neighboring school children. I have observed a large number from the recommendations of linguists to the national integration plan and target group reports. In addition to theoretical and anthropological research, I have relied on information acquired during the observation practice and the results of the survey and interviews.
The design project has sought a spatial solution for the newly created Ukrainian school yard to achieve a playful and shared common space. The proposed concept is built on three areas of the school. The created modular small forms of different sizes that contain integrated immersion games allow various handling and spatial use.