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    Meeri Krass

  • Industrial and Digital Product Design
  • BA
  • Foundations of Creative Process Management and Model Creation in the Context of EKA Department of Product Design Students' Specialization Project
  • Tutor: Eva Liisa Kubinyi

The central theme of my work is creative process management. The purpose of this study was to understand and reduce the inherent chaos and confusion associated with managing the creative process. To gain a better understanding of this topic, I mapped out various approaches to the concept of the creative process and examined the methods that designers use or have researched in their practice. Conversations with design students about their experiences in managing their creative process served as important indicators and helped connect theory with reality. Based on the gathered input, I developed a supportive model for the creative process, dividing it into stages and proposing methods and tools to consider in one’s work.

The idea of the exposition is to visualize the designer’s creative process, which navigates through chaos and lacks clear structure, contrasted with a creative process that consists of alternating stages and clarity. The aim is to convey to the viewer what creation means to a designer and encourage designers to find their own path within it.