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    Muyang Li

  • Jewellery and Blacksmithing
  • MA
  • Velvet Flower as A Container of Emotions
  • Tutor: Tanel Veenre
  • silk, copper, plastic

In traditional velvet flower, “passing of the flower” is the final step of the process. It’s the ultimate goal and all the previous actions are in preparation for it. However, my approach advocates for the insertion of all trimmed velvet strips vertically prior to this stage, thereby allowing for flexible movement due to the unfastened metal. Although they lack the completeness of a finished traditional piece, they communicate a robust visual language. Each constituent part of the velvet strip holds its own significance. In my practice, I sought to adorn these pieces in a manner that vividly manifests distinct emotional stages as the velvet strips sway.When the face is fully obscured, these strips are enough to express.

Face Mask No.1
Face Mask No.1
Face Mask NO.2
Face Mask No.2
Face Mask No.3
Face Mask No.3