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    Oleksandr Nenenko

  • Urban Studies
  • MA
  • Mapping out the dual crisis of war and housing in Dnipro, Ukraine.
  • Tutor: Sean Tyler and Keiti Kljavin

The 21st century has been a challenging time for Ukraine. The beginning of the Russian invasion in February 2022 exacerbated the existing problems, leading to an overwhelming and highly complex housing crisis. The thesis is looking at housing in Dnipro City and Dnipropetrovsk oblast and provides a more specific understanding of the crisis and highlights the need for a systemic approach to housing provision that considers the stories of people affected by the current crisis. The thesis consists of three sections, where the first part explores the housing crisis in general in Ukraine, the second – analyses the crisis from the specific context of Dnipro City, and the third provides a guideline for managing the housing crisis in Ukrainian cities and settlements during the war and in post-war time.