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    Riina Samelselg

  • Textile Design
  • MA
  • Creating a three-dimensional architectural textile based on an ornamental structure using the MultiWeave craft technique
  • Tutor: Martin Melioranski
  • MultiWeave craft technique
  • max 300 × 200 × 7 cm

The goal of the master’s thesis was to create a three-dimensional textile inspired by ornament as a structure in the MultiWeave technique and to test its suitability for use in a room. The suitability for use in a room was judged more on the characteristics of the material used in creating the textile rather than the appearance of the textile.

For the master’s thesis practical project, the author created a large-scale three-dimensional textile called 68-x, which consists of hexagonal ornamental structural elements. Identical modules were used to make a single textile.
In the textile material, all the intersection points of the warp and weft are movable and this allows for a visually varied deformation of the elements based on the curvatures of the base surface or support or stretching points.

Textile 68-x created as the master’s thesis practical project
Changing of the structural elements of textile 68-x