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    Tiina Aavik

  • Product Design
  • MA
  • User-centered design of the home office
  • Tutor: MSc Veiko Liis
  • Metal frame and plywood covered with oak veneer
  • 164 x 198

The home office is a topic that is talked about a lot and which came up especially during the Covid pandemic in 2020. At that time, many people were forced to stay in the home office and reorganize their work accordingly.
Home office solutions offered on the market usually do not have user research in the background and lack a user-centric approach. Based on this problem, I decided to create a home office furniture series based on user-centric approach with cooperation OÜ Radis. I wanted to create a furniture series that would be adaptable based on the needs, possibilities and wishes of each person, and which would also be ergonomic, functional and blend into the interior.
Initial task: Create a home office furniture series combined in a shelving system, based on qualitative studies, user studies and ergonomics.

Home office
Home office 1 – narrow
Home office 2 – medium
Home office 3 – wide