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    Anete Vihm

  • Textile Design
  • MA
  • Creating a user-friendly learning support tool for children with intellectual and multiple disabilities
  • Tutor: Kärt Ojavee, Jana Kadastik

The problem of the master’s thesis stems from previous research and discussions with specialists, revealing the fact that the production of learning tools often does not take into account the fine motor skills and cognitive processes specific to children with intellectual and multiple disabilities. The aim of the work was to create a learning-supportive tool in cooperation with specialists from Õunakese Kindergarten, which would enhance understanding of the surrounding environment and oneself through sensations and perceptions acquired through different senses. The target group of the learning tool is children aged 1-8 with severe and profound intellectual and multiple disabilities.

As a result of the master’s thesis, a prototype of the learning tool was completed, consisting of 12 modules that can be modified, replaced and exchanged according to needs. These modules can be used to create a sensory pathway on the floor, placed in the child’s lap, or on the table. The learning tool has been developed using a Multi-sensory Storytelling method, which is specifically designed for people with severe and profound intellectual and multiple disabilities. This method helps to establish contact with the child and to tell an engaging story through multiple senses. In addition to verbal text, this approach utilizes various sensory stimuli such as sound, touch, and smell to make the learning experience interactive and captivating. The story unfolds through the use of props in the form of modules representing different elements associated with seasons, enhancing the narrative and promoting deeper understanding. The created learning tool offers a flexible approach and the opportunity to create an engaging learning environment that takes into account the unique needs and interests of each child.

Testing the prototype of an educational tool