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    Anna Aleksejeva

  • Interior Architecture
  • BA
  • "Relational space"
  • Tutor: Veiko Liis

The installation „Relational space” is a place where visitors can experience different emotions through the sensory design. The space is designed for one person at a time. Being alone in the installation leads to a meditative state. Of course, the experience depends on the visitor’s personal perception. The visitor can enter inside, look around, stand, sit on the ground, listen to the sounds, be alone with their thoughts and feel everything possible in the “Relational space”. The installation can be used with the instruction which is on site.

metal frame, textile, Led, ventilator
Frame: 1 × 1 m | Installation height: 2,9 m | Textile height: 2,6 m

In this video I show the places where I can feel myself in a meditative state.

On the exhibition you will hear the sounds made in the places I show in the Video introduction „Suhestuv ruum” / „Relational Space”_TASE23 EKA